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The DS ShopStyle Lists API works in real time with API ShopStyle Collective. The plugin shows all your lists created inside your ShopStyle account and allows you to display and select certain products within your lists on your Blog.
Every 24 hours we check the ShopStyle database for any pricing changes, and automatically update these prices on your blog. This is convenient as you don’t have to delete and create a new short codes every time a change occurs.


What you need:

  • You must add your ShopStyle login and uid to activate the plugin.


  • You can manage Shopstyle API products lists in real time.
  • You can see all the lists created in your ShopStyle account. 
  • You can easily remove and edit products on your lists.
  • Product visual settings (List views, Pinterest grid view).
  • Choose to show or hide options such as: price, brand name, etc.
  • Manage your buttons “shop now”.
  • Every 24 hours we automatically check all products from the API.